Can I take photos with the 360fly 4K?

The 360fly 4K will let you take 360° spherical photos with the 360fly application as well as Point of View 16:9 photos. You can even snap photos while recording video by pressing the camera icon in the 360fly app while recording.

Selecting Photo Mode

1. Open the 360fly Application and connect to your 360fly 4K camera.

2. Once connected, tap on the  360fly icon to access the camera.

3. To switch to photo mode, tab the  photo icon to switch the camera into photo mode.

4. Tap the  settings revolver icon to pull up the photo mode selector.

5.  There are 3 photo modes:

  Spherical Photo - 3456 x 3456 JPEG photo.  Designed to capture a spherical photo in the 360° orientation.  Photo can be panned using the application player.

  POV - Point and shoot mode 2560 x 1440 JPEG photo.  Designed to point the lens and capture.

  Burst Spherical Photo - Take up to 8 sequential spherical 3456 x 3456 JPG photos.

6.  Once you set the mode, tap on the shutter icon to snap the photo.   The LED on the 360fly 4K will flash red to indicate the photo was taken.


Photos While Recording

While recording a video you can quickly snap spherical photos by pressing the photo icon in the top corner of the shutter button.  



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