360fly iOS firmware update

If you have not familiarized yourself with your 360fly's Firmware Update Process; Please read this article before you begin: Understanding your 360fly's Firmware Update Process

To start, simply power on your 360fly.
Once your 360fly's LED is "Solid Blue", you are ready to start.
First, connect your 360fly to your mobile device.
Next tap on the camera tab and tap on the settings gear.
Then tap on "Check for Updates"
*** This will use your cellular data if you are not on a WiFi network OR if you are connected to your 360fly's network. ***
If there is an update available, messaging will appear that an update is available.
Tap on the "Download" button to start the download.
Once the download has finished, the firmware file will be pushed over to your camera.
If you are connected to a WiFi network(not your 360fly network) you will be prompted to enter your iOS Settings App to switch to your 360fly Wifi network.
The LED will change from a "Solid Blue" to a "Flashing Yellow" once the update has begun on your 360fly.
Last step in the app is to tap on "Finish" and let the Firmware Update Process complete.
When complete the LED will change from "Flashing Yellow" to "Flashing Blue" then to "Solid Blue"

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