Getting started with the 360fly on your iOS device

Welcome to the 360fly.   Let's get started on setting up your 360fly and connecting to the 360fly app on your iOS device.

Introduction to the 360fly app
The first time you launch the 360fly app you will be introduced to Shoot, Share and Swipe.  The 360fly will allow you to experience video like you have never experienced before.  Give it a try, we know you will love it!


Creating a Account
The first time you launch the application you will be prompted to create a account.  You can sign in with your existing social media accounts or sign-up with a account.  Signing in with your social media accounts will allow you to instantly post with a click of the button.  You can skip the account creation by clicking "Skip" in the top right corner.


Connecting the 360fly
The step-by-step guide will walk you through connecting the 360fly via a Bluetooth LE and Wifi Connection. You will also be prompted to rename your Fly and give it a unique passcode to access.


Once you have completed the power up sequence your 360fly will be put into pairing mode.  Place the 360fly about 3-5 inches away from the device in order to get a good strong signal to pair.  You will be prompted to pair with the 360fly device, click "Pair".  Now you are ready to give your 360fly a unique name and passcode, then click "Submit".


You will need to access your iOS device settings and connect to 360fly via WiFi with the name you have given your 360fly.  You will also need to enter the passcode to connect.


Congratulations!  You're all connected and ready to start Flying!

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