How can I share my 360fly video to my Corporate Facebook page?

The new 360fly Director app allows you to easily upload your 360fly videos to your personal Facebook account. However,  if you are trying to post your video to your Corporate/Business Facebook page, you will need to go through the manual Facebook upload process. Don't worry the process is easy and can be accomplished with the 360fly Director application.   

The process will involve saving a converted 360° video file from the 360fly Director app and then manually uploading this converted video file to your Facebook Corporate/Business page.

1. The first step is to save a copy of a converted 360fly video that you would like to share to your Corporate Facebook page.   The conversion process will put the 360fly video in the correct format and add all the necessary metadata needed to play the video in the 360 degree player.  To save a copy click on the "Convert" icon in the lower left corner of the video thumbnail.

2. Select the directory where you would like to save the file.

3. Now sit back and relax while your video finishes converting and is ready to use.

4.  Once the video has completed the conversion process, you can now go to your Corporate/Business Facebook page and upload the 360fly converted video like you would upload any other video to Facebook.  

5.  That is it, you can now easily share your 360° experience with your Corporate/Business users.

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