Trimming a video from the Director Application

Whether you need to curate your videos, or simply lessen their size for upload, trim enables you to create a new fully 360 degree video clip from an existing 360fly video clip in your Library. 

Video Trim

1. To begin, press play on an existing video in your Library.

2. On the player view, click the "Scissor" icon on the player bar to enable the start/end green sliders.  

3. Move the sliders to your desired start and end point, and the player will move the playhead to the slider position selected.  

4. To play only the segment to Trim, click between the start/end sliders and the video will play back at the start slider.  

5. Once you have the segment you want to Trim, click "Save" in the upper-right corner of the screen and provide a name for your new clip.  

6. Note that a thumbnail will be created using the start slider location. You may adjust the thumbnail at this position using your mouse before clicking Save. 

7. When you Save, you will be directed back to your Library while your new video processes, and the clip will be added to your Library upon completion. Note a progress bar may showing while the Trim is processing. 

8. The original file will remain unaffected in your Library, so feel free to grab different segments of the same clip.

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