Adding video clips to your Director Application library

The Library provides a central storage location for your 360fly video clips, and acts as a central hub for playing, trimming and sharing your clips.  Once you’ve added a video to your Library, it will remain there until you choose to remove it.

Add Clips to Library

1. + Add Clips to Library method:

  • Click "+ Add Clips to Library".
  • Using the file chooser, select one or more videos.
  • Click "Open".

2. Drag-Drop method:

  • Drag-Drop one or more videos from your computer into the Library view.
    • ​Single video drop provides "Play" or "Import" options.
    • Multiple video drop imports automatically.
  • Mac OS X only: Drag-Drop one or more videos to the 360fly Director icon in the Dock.

3. Progress bar appears.

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