What do the different LED colors mean?

Get to know the light that lets you know what your 360fly 4K is doing. Here’s a little mnemonic that’ll help you remember two key LED states and their functions:

Blue is booting up or down, red is recording all around.

There are basically five LED colors in total.  Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Magenta.



Flashing Green = Charging

Solid Green = Charged




Solid Red - Recording

Flash Red - Photo/Pairing App to phone.


Flashing Blue - Powering Up/Down

Solid Blue - Camera Ready



Solid Yellow - Mounted to computer.

Flashing Yellow - Rebooting after Factory Reset




Flashing Magenta - Battery is below 20%

Red - Green - Blue

The device will flash red once, green once and then go to solid blue.  This indicates that the 360fly has completed the Bluetooth pairing process.

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