Is the 360fly water resistant?

Your 360fly HD is built to standup to rigors of your active lifestyle.  Your 360fly HD is water resistant down to 1M or ~3 feet.

The first generation 360fly HD w/Quicktwist mounting system came with a microphone plug which would allow the unit to be used to 1ATM (~33ft).  This MIC plug was discontinued and not needed on the second generation 360fly HD with the 1/4 x 20 mounting system.  If you are going to use in water deeper then the 1M or 3 feet we recommend using the 360fly Dive Housing.


Inserting the Mic Plug (360fly HD w/QuickTwist mounting system only)

1. Push the Mic Plug into the microphone hole to insert it.

2. Push and turn to fully secure the Mic Plug.

3. Make sure the Mic Plug is fully inserted and flush against the 360fly.

: Audio will NOT be recorded when the Mic Plug is inserted into the device.

Storing the Mic Plug

When not using the Mic Plug, store it in the hole on the side of the Tilt Mount.

1. Connect the tether to the Tilt Mount base Straphole.

2. Plug the Mic Plug into the hole located on the Tilt Mount base.

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