Merging videos using Director

The ability to merge multiple (up to 5) videos together and save it as one 360° video is yours.

To perform a Merge, first launch 360fly Director, you will see the Merge tab along the top left of the screen by Camera, Library, and Settings.

When you click on the Merge button, a drop area will appear at the bottom of the screen, this is where you will drag your videos to and drop them. By default, the videos are ordered by the sequence in which you add them to the Merge area. Once all of your videos have been added, remember only up to 5 videos, you can select a video and re-arrange as you choose.

Please note:  You can only drag and drop clips that are filmed in the same orientation.  You will not be able to mix videos filmed upside down with videos filmed with the camera right side up.  All incompatible videos in your Library will be greyed out and if you hover over said video, you will see the reason why.


Once you have your videos arranged to your liking, you can either Preview the single video or begin processing by clicking on the Merge Clips button.


When you click on Merge Clips, a Save window will pop up, here you will want to name your merged file.

Processing can take some time when merging large files, so we ask that you be patient while Director is doing its thing. Once the merge has completed processing, the new file will now appear in your Library.

Remember you can only merge videos that have the same orientation. We recognize a recent issue with merging videos in Director. If you are currently experiencing any issues with merging, try using an older version of the Director application found below.

PC Download

Mac Download


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