Understanding the Director Application progress bar

Certain operations, thumbnail processing and copying videos to your Library, make use of a progress bar.

Progress Bar

1. The 360fly Director displays status of thumbnail processing and video clips copying to your Library in a progress bar. ​

2. This progress bar is visible on the Library and Camera views directly above the main grid, and lists the status of the videos currently processing. 

3. This queue will appear when you initiate an "Add Clips to Library" action, "Trim" to create a new video, "Export" a video using save to, or "Connect" to a device on the Camera view (thumbnail/duration processing).

4. If you attempt to close the Director while the queue is processing, you'll be prompted with a notification indicating the queue is in progress.  This should prevent accidental shutdown mid-import or trim while video is being generated.

  • Note: If the 360fly is accidentally ejected during thumbnail processing, it will resume at it's previous location when re-connected to the Director.

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