360fly will not charge

If your 360fly will not accept a charge or still has a flashing green light for more than 3 or 4 hours without becoming solid green, there are a few issues that might be affecting your 360fly’s ability to charge:

  1. Make sure your 360fly is powered off and then placed on the charger. Depending on the charger that you are using it may not have enough power to charge the camera while the camera is on
  2. If you are charging your 360fly through your computer’s USB port instead of a power brick, the computer may not supply enough power to charge the device.   We suggest charging through a wall outlet with a standard USB charger.
  3. There may be a problem with the USB cable. (Try a different USB cable) and see if this corrects the issue.
  4. If charging through a wall outlet, check the charger to make sure it outputs more then one amp. We recommend a 1.5A - 2.1A charger for the best charging experience.  Try a different USB power charger.
  5. Clean the brass contacts on the Power Cradle and on the bottom of the 360fly. We recommend using a dry microfiber cloth and wiping clean. 

If, after trying any of the above, the LED light flashes green, please leave the 360fly on the Power Cradle for at least 90 minutes to let it charge.

If you have ruled out all of these issues, try doing a standard reset, which won’t affect the settings or videos stored on your 360fly. Click here of standard reset instructions.


If you’ve done a standard reset and the problems still persist, you should try a factory reset. The factory reset will not affect the videos you have stored on your 360fly, but it will erase all of the settings, so you will need to set the camera up again with the mobile app. Before performing a factory reset, go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings, and if you see your 360fly camera listed there, choose “unpair” or Android devices or “forget this device” on Apple devices. Click here for factory reset instructions.

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