Creating Virtual Tours

In order to create virtual tours, you must first convert your photo into a 360° capable format. You can use an image that you have taken or take a screenshot from a video.


To import an image from Director to a third-party virtual tour creator:

1.  Click the “Images” tab.

2.  Hover over the image you want and click “Share.”

3.  Click “Full 360° Image.”


4.  Name your image, choose a location, and click “Save.”

5.  A message should appear that says, “Your content has been exported!” Now you can click “Show in file browser” to see where it went.


The image is now ready to be uploaded into virtual tour creator applications. Below are a few apps we have tested to create your own virtual tour:

  • Panotour Pro at
  • EyeSpy 360 at

And if you think you've found another great app, then let us know! 

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