Attaching the 360fly Dive Housing

The 360fly Dive Housing will protect your camera to depths up to 130ft.   Please see the attached instructions to attach the Dive Housing to your 360fly camera. Also be sure to check out the Pro Tip at the end of this article.


1. Place the camera in the bottom housing while making sure it aligns correctly with the housing’s magnets (similar to how the camera and Magnetic Power Cradle align).

2. Place the top housing over the camera while aligning the housing and camera buttons. There are alignment tabs on the top housing and slots on the bottom to help guide you.

3. Firmly squeeze the top and bottom housing together, making sure to keep equal pressure around the entire housing seal.

4. While holding the housings firmly together, raise the bezel (green metal ring) and screw it into the top unit until it’s hand-tight. For the best possible seal, keep constant pressure on the housings while tightening the bezel.

5. Check for correct assembly by making sure the bezel is now tight and almost touches the bottom of the power button on the top housing.

6. Double check your work by pulling on the top and bottom housing to ensure they’re screwed firmly together.

7. Have a safe dive and be sure to capture it all in immersive 360° video.


Pro Tip: We have had a few early testers of the Dive Housing report back to us that the ring has loosened under extreme pressures and depths. Due to the physics involved, if the ring on your Dive Housing does become loose during a dive, DO NOT adjust or re-tighten the ring during your dive; doing so could make it very difficult to disengage or take off of the camera after your dive.

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