How to pair a Bluetooth Mic to your 360fly 4K

With the release of firmware version 2.1.4 for your 4K 360fly camera, you can now pair an external Bluetooth audio device to your camera. This article will guide you through the process of pairing the Bluetooth device to your camera using the 360fly mobile app.


Bluetooth device pairing

To get started make sure that both your 360fly mobile app is up to date and that you have the latest firmware installed on your 4K camera.

To start, make sure your camera is turned on and the LED is solid blue, if it is off, go ahead and turn it on now. Now launch the 360fly app on your mobile device.

Now in the app, go to the Camera tab and connect to the cameras wifi network and make sure you also connect via Bluetooth. Tap on the Camera Settings icon in the top right of the screen to continue.



Now inside the Camera Settings, tap on the "Pair Bluetooth Microphone" option to advance.

You will now see the app begin searching for available devices. At this point, turn on your Bluetooth device and make sure the device is in "Pairing" mode. Once the device shows up in the "Other Devices" section, tap on the name to initiate the pairing process. When the device name shows up in the "My Devices" list, depending on device, it will either connect automatically or you may have to tap on it once again to establish the connection.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bluetooth device that you are attempting to pair to the camera must be "unpaired" from all other devices before it will be able to connect to the camera.



That's it, your Bluetooth device is now paired directly to your 360fly 4K camera!


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