How to change quality setting when viewing on YouTube

When you go to watch your video on YouTube, you may notice that the quality looks subpar. This is a result of YouTube starting the video at a reduced quality setting. Here is a link to YouTube's own support site explaining the reason that they do this: Video Quality


Our recommendation so you can watch your videos on YouTube in the best possible quality, is to pause the video as soon as it loads. While the video is paused, tap or click on the Settings ; on mobile tap on the , then tap on the .  This will load a list of video resolutions that are available based on your videos properties. Choose the highest setting, as long as your internet connection can handle it. Please note that the lower the quality setting, the faster the video will load.


To change the quality setting while viewing on computer:

Step 1: Click on the .

Step 2: Choose your resolution.


To change the quality setting while viewing on a mobile device:

Step 1: Tap on the .

Step 2: Tap on the .

Step 3: Choose your resolution.

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