Updating your 360fly HD Firmware via USB for use on Android 6.0 and 7.0

The following instructions will correctly guide you through the firmware update procedure for your 360fly HD over USB from your computer.

Updating the firmware to version 1.3.3 is required for use with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 7.0 Nougat devices.

Step 1: Download the .fly firmware file, please make sure you are connected to the internet, then click here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wnbawku1oknea90/firmware_1.3.3.fly?dl=0

Step 2: Make sure your 360fly is powered on and has at least a 50% charge. The LED on your 360fly will be a solid BLUE when powered on.

  • If you are not sure of the battery level, attach your Power Cradle to your USB cable and plug into a wall outlet based USB power adapter and allow 360fly to charge for at least 30 minutes prior to continuing.

Step 3: Plug your USB cable into a USB port on your computer and place your 360fly onto the USB connected Power Cradle. With your 360fly connected to your computer via USB, the LED on your 360fly will change from solid BLUE to solid YELLOW.

Step 4: Now you will want to pay attention to the Desktop on your computer. Your 360fly will appear as an external drive. Double-click on the “360FLY” icon to open a new window.

Step 5: In a separate window, open your “Downloads” folder, or where you saved the .fly firmware file that you just downloaded.

Step 6: With both windows now open and visible on your screen, select the .fly file and perform a “drag and drop” of that file to the “360FLY” window like shown in the image below.

*** Please note that the next 2 steps must be done in quick succession ***

Step 7: Once the .fly file has been successfully copied over to your 360fly, you may now eject the “360FLY” drive. This can be done a few different ways, we suggest either right-clicking on the icon on your desktop and choosing ‘Eject “360FLY”’ or by clicking on the eject button in the window.

Step 8: When ejected the LED will change from solid YELLOW to solid BLUE, when the LED is solid BLUE, that is your cue to lift your 360fly off of the Power Cradle and place on your desk or table. The 360fly is NOT to be on a charger while the firmware is being updated.

The 360fly is NOT to be on a charger while the firmware is being updated.

Step 9: The LED will begin flashing YELLOW , this means the firmware installation has started. The firmware installation will take approximately 3m45s to complete from the time the unit is lifted off of the cradle and begins flashing to when the LED returns to a solid BLUE ready state. The LED sequence during installation will be: flashing to flashing BLUE to solid BLUE.

That's it! Your 360fly is updated and ready to be used on your Android 6.0 Marshmallow or 7.0 Nougat device.

Click Here for step-by-step instructions.

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