Cutting things down to size with Video Chaptering

You have asked for it and we have listened. Video Chaptering is now an option on your 360fly 4K running firmware 2.0.0. This allows you to take long videos and break them up into smaller, easier-to-process 4-minute files. For example, a 20-minute clip is split into five sequential 4-minute files instead of one large file. This allows for improved processing and file transferring speeds. Just make sure you update your 360fly app and 360fly 4K’s firmware to add this feature.

Note: Chaptering is turned off by default. You must enable it in the camera’s setting.

Enabling Video Chaptering:

  1. Connect your 360fly 4K camera and click the “Gear” icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Scroll down to the “My 360fly” section and turn on the “4 Minute Video Chaptering” switch.

  3. With this feature enabled, your pixel-rich videos are now in easily managed chapters.

  4. That’s it. You’ve started a whole new chapter in your 360° life.


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