Edit Feature - Watch Me

Watch Me gives you the power to create a standard 16:9 video from your original 360° footage, video you can share to non-360° compatible world. Use the Watch Me tool to record as you pan left or right and tilt up and down to guide your viewers through the action. Wherever you swipe, shift and zoom while editing in this mode is cropped and saved as a shareable 16:9 video clip, creating a unique point of view.

Instructions for Use 

After launching your 360fly video, click the “Editor” icon in the lower-right corner and enter the Edit mode.

Inside Editing mode, choose the “Watch Me” icon to enter the Watch Me editor.

You’re now ready to start your Watch Me edit.  Click on “Start Watch” to begin editing.

While your video is playing, you can move the POV with your computer’s mouse, arrow keys or touchpad. Watch Me is recording all of your movements and will play them back. Pause the video to create an instant pan and then click “Play” to start again. Once you’ve completed your Watch Me clip, click “End Watch.”

Now click “Save” and give your watch me clip a name.

Once saved, your Watch Me video will take a few minutes to process.

That's it! You’re ready to start sharing your video.


Filtering Watch Me Clips

You can filter Watch Me videos by selecting the “POV/Watch Me” filter.

Sharing Watch Me Clips

Watch Me clips can be shared to any video/photo sharing service. From the Director app, you can share your edits directly to YouTube and Facebook.

Click on the “Share” icon on the Watch Me video you’d like to post.

Choose the social media channel, add a description and select “Share.” Since they’re smaller files and do not require converting like 360° videos, Watch Me edits are quicker to load.


Select one or all off your favorite social media channels to share your Watch Me edits with family, friends and fans alike.

That's it! Congratulations on your Watch Me video. 


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