360fly 4K Advanced Menu Settings

We have optimized the 360fly 4K settings to provide you the optimal video experience in a wide variety of settings. For most camera users these automatic settings will provide awesome videos and allow you to relive every moment in 360°.  However, we recognize for you advance photographers that you want full control of the settings.

With the latest 360fly application release on both iOS and Android we have added the advance setting slider menu to give you full control. Please Note: We recommend that only experienced photographers manually adjust these settings.   Adjusting the advanced settings can negatively impact your image quality depending on the lighting conditions and environment you are in.

Advanced Settings Menu
The advanced settings menu will allow you to adjust the following camera settings:





You can access the Advanced Settings Menu by tapping on the Advanced Settings Menu icon in the lower right hand corner.


What does the Brightness setting do?
Brightness slider controls the overall lightness or darkness of the image.

What does the Exposure setting do?
The Exposure setting adjusts the amount of light available to the camera’s sensor. This is great to use when there is an abundance of light, and could make the image appeared “washed out”.   You would lower ( slider to the left) the exposure, and darken the image to preserve the detail.

What does the Contrast setting do?
Contrast adjusts the in brightness between objects or regions.

What does the Saturation setting do?
As you increase the saturation, colors appear more pure. As saturation decreases, colors appear more washed-out. Too much saturation will make your image look cartoony.

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