How to share your 360° photos to social media

You are able to share and export 360° from your 360fly 4K camera in either Photosphere or Panoramic formats.


360° / Photosphere

To begin this process, simply choose a photo from your 360fly Director Images Library and click on the Share icon.

You will see 2 options, 360(Photosphere) & Panoramic.

Choose 360 if you want to upload a Photosphere photo to Facebook. You will then have to save your Photosphere photo to a folder on your desktop.

To upload to Facebook, launch your browser and go to your profile on You must upload the photo directly to your Facebook profile using your web browser.

Please note: 360° photo uploads through your browser must be done one at a time.

During the Facebook upload/post process, you’ll see verbiage like “Say something about this 360° photo…” indicating that it’s recognized as a 360° image. The 360° viewer will be immediately available after posting.



Choose Panoramic if you would like to share a flattened version of your 360° photo.

To share your Panoramic photo, simply choose Facebook from the options shown and click Share.

Please keep in mind that this photo will not be interactive, it will only be a flattened, panoramic photo.



Since the exported 360° photo is in Photosphere format, other viewers are able to be used to view the photo. Additionally, other Photosphere format photos can be downloaded and added to your Director library.


Also of note is that Facebook’s 360° photo viewer will work on desktop web browsers like Chrome, and also on up-to-date versions of Facebook’s app on mobile devices.  The photo viewer will not be enabled on mobile web browsers.


*Additionally, uploading of 360° photos to Facebook is only supported when used with a 360fly 4K camera in the Photo mode. Screenshots or using the Image Capture editing flow with the HD model will not create a photo with the precise resolution to export using Director.

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