Edit a 360fly 4K video inside the 360fly app

Editing is easy with the 360fly App. The first step is to copy the video that you would like to edit to your mobile device.

Copying Video to Mobile Device 

1.  Connect your 360fly 4K device to your mobile device via WIFI.

2.  Launch the 360fly App on your mobile device.

3.  From the start-up screen. Tap the camera icon in the lower left corner of the 360fly App to access the 360fly 4K camera.

4.  Inside the camera menu, tap the  folder icon to access the camera library.


5.  Tap on the  download icon to download the video to your mobile device.  A progress indicator will show the download.

Now that your video is on your mobile phone your are ready to edit.

Editing a 360fly 4K Video

Click here for editing instructions on an Android device.

Click here for editing instructions on an iOS device.

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