Upgrade the software on your 360fly 4K

Good news!  Your 360fly 4K is upgradeable.  Periodically we will release new software for the camera which will add new features and enhancements to your 360fly 4K. Upgrading is easy with our simple and can be done with a simple WIFI connection to your 360fly camera.

Steps For Upgrading

1. In most cases you will get a notification that a new software upgrade is available. Tap "Update" to begin.  If you do not get the automatic prompt, you can tap on the settings icon and then tap "Check for Updates".



2.  If there is an available update you will get a message that an update is available.  Tap on the "Download" button to begin the update.

3.  A progress indicator will show the download progress.  This happens very quick.  Once the download is complete, you are ready to install the update.  

Please Note: Make sure you have a charged battery and that the camera is not on the power cradle. Do not press any of the buttons while the software is installing to avoid interrupting the update.

Tap "Complete" to begin installing.

4. Your 360fly 4K LED will start to flash yellow during the update process. 

5.  Once the update is complete, your 360fly will reboot itself and start the normal boot up sequence.  Tap on the "Finished" icon.

6.  Wait for the 360fly 4K LED to turn solid blue and you are ready for action.

Thats it! Your 360fly 4K is all updated!



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