Clean your 360fly 4K lens

Your 360fly 4K is built to standup to rigors of your active lifestyle. That said, there are a few things you can do to help it capture cleaner footage for years to come.

Don't touch
Try not to touch the lens while using.  Fingerprints and oils from your skin can get on the lens and affect the image. 

Keep it clean
A clean lens means cleaner footage. 360 fly’s lens can be cleaned using a clean, soft lint free cloth or lens cleaner. A Lens cleaning solution or water can be used for additional cleaning if needed.

If you use the device in saltwater or a pool, always remember to wash off your camera after use. Failure to do so can cause damage over time and void the warranty.

Use your pouch
Return your 360fly 4K to its pouch after use to help protect its lens from scratching, chipping or other damage.


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