Troubleshooting your Wi-Fi connection on your 360fly 4K

The Wi-Fi stream can be affected by congestion and other WiFi interference.  Here are a few steps you can take to optimize your Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1 - Secure your Wi-Fi Device

Make sure to go through the device set up and give your device a user name and passcode.  The 360fly 4K acts like a Wi-Fi hotspot and having a name and passcode will prevent other devices from trying to inadvertently connect to your 360fly 4K.

Step 2 - Use the best Wi-Fi Frequency

The 360fly 4K can operate on both the 2.4GHZ and 5 GHZ frequency bands. We default the 360fly 4K to the 5GHZ band to get the best WiFi performance.  

Please note: if you are not getting a WIFI signal on your Mobile Device from the 360fly 4K, your Mobile Device may not support the 5GHZ band.  Try switching to the 2.4GHZ frequency.

If you have switched the Wi-Fi frequency to 2.4GHZ and you are in heavy populated areas the Wi-Fi bands can get overcrowded, simply switching back to the 5 GHZ band can improve the Wi-Fi stream. 

1.  Connect to your 360fly 4K device with the 360fly APP.

2.  Tap the settings  icon in the top right corner to access the settings menu.

3. Tap "Configure Wi-Fi Frequency".

4. Tap the band you would like to switch to. 


That's it!  Your Wi-Fi is optimized!



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