Change capture modes on the 360fly 4K

The 360fly 4K is more then just a 360° video camera.  The 360fly 4K can capture both videos and still images to further express life from all angles.

Video Capture Modes

Your 360fly 4K camera offers five video recording modes:

360° Video Mode: The standard 360° recording at 2880 x 2880 at 24 frames per second.  

60 FPS Mode:  The 360fly 4K’s allows you to record videos at 60 frames per second with a resolution of 1728 x 1728.

30 FPS Mode:  Get the highest resolution and frame rate available from your 360fly 4K by setting your device to record 2880x2880 videos at a fixed 30 frames per second.

POV Mode:  The POV option allows you to record standard (non-360° degree) videos in a 16:9 format/aspect ratio.  With this mode activated, simply orient or mount your camera in a horizontal position, turning your 360fly into a traditional point-and-shoot action camera. 

Time-Lapse Mode:  Turn hours of activity into minutes using the 360fly’s time-lapse mode with adjustable time intervals from .5 to 60 seconds. (NOTE: Time-lapse videos CANNOT be merged in Director)

Still Image Capture Modes

Your 360fly 4k doubles as a still image action camera with three photo capture modes:

360° Panoramic Mode - Capture .jpeg photos at an effective resolution of 3456 x 3456.  Your panoramic images can be viewed within the mobile application or via the Desktop Director app on PC or Mac.

POV Photo Mode - The 360fly 4k can be set to capture standard photos from POV/front-facing perspective.

Camera Burst Mode - The 360fly 4k’s burst mode feature allows you to capture several photographs in quick succession with a single push of the shutter button.  Ideal for sports or action photography, burst mode allows you to select the best image from a group of photos or arrange them in a sequence.

Setting the Capture Mode

1.  Connect to the 360fly 4K with the 360fly App through bluetooth or Wi-Fi.   (Wi-Fi is only needed for live streaming, playback or transferring files from the camera)

2.  On the camera home screen in the 360fly App, tap the capture mode toggle which will show either  if the camera is in video capture mode, or  if the camera is in photo capture mode.


Changing the Capture Mode

1. Once you have set the video or photo capture mode you can change the capture modes within by tapping on the  revolver icon to choose the different modes.


2.  Select one of the available captures modes and then press the capture icon to start/stop recording video or to capture a still image in photo mode.



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