My 360fly 4K will not power on

Let us try a few steps to see if we can get your 360fly 4K up and running.  

The first thing we want to try is to make sure that your 360fly 4K is charged up and has enough power to power on.

Checking the Battery

1.  Press and hold the OnePush button for 5 seconds.

2.  Do you get any LED indication?

  • Flashing Magenta LED - Indicates the battery level is to loo to power up.  Charge the battery and try again.
  • If you get no LED then continue below.

Checking the Charge

1.  Connect your charging cradle to a USB power supply, preferably a wall plug adapter with a current rating of 1.5A or higher.

2.  Set your 360fly 4K device on the cradle and wait for a flashing green LED.  This could take up to 3 minutes depending on the state of the battery.

3.  Once the LED starts flashing green, let it charge for about 2 hours or enough time for a full charge.

4.  If your 360fly 4K's LED fails to start flashing green then we need to inspect the power supply and charging contacts.  

  • Check another wall outlet to eliminate the power source.
  • If you have another micro USB Cable, swap out the cable and see if this works.
  • Make sure the contacts are clean and clear of debris on both the charging base and the camera bottom.  If needed unplug the charger and gently clean the contacts(do not use water).
  • Make sure the contact pins on the charger are not bent or missing.

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our support team for further troubleshooting and warranty options.

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