360fly and Livit team up to offer live streaming of 360° video

We at 360fly are excited to announce a new way for our users to view and interact with their 360° videos. The Livit app now supports 360° video live streaming and playback. Check out the full press release about 360fly teaming up with Livit, HERE.

  • Live streaming now available for both Android and iOS users.
  • Android users, make sure that your device supports LTE data streaming while connected to the Wifi on your 360fly camera.
  • Android users must have Livit app version 1.1.4 installed.

Here is a short tutorial video on how to get your 360fly connected to the Livit app on your iOS device. To watch that video, click HERE.


Connecting your 360fly to Livit Android App

To live stream with your 360fly in the Livit app on Android, simply connect your Android device to your 360fly camera's Wifi network.

Now launch the Livit app and tap on the middle "broadcast" icon. Next tap on the fly logo to start the 360fly view in the Livit app. That's it! You are now broadcasting your 360fly LiveView to everyone watching your stream!

The camera icon in the 3rd image is an orientation toggle. If your camera is mounted Lens Down, tap on the toggle so that playback is not upside down for your viewers.


If you run into any issues when using your 360fly camera with your Livit app, please contact Livit at the following email address: feedback@livitnow.com

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