Advanced Editing Features in 360fly Director

The advanced editing features include:

  • Orientation Change
  • WatchMe
  • Trimming
  • Audio
  • Filters
  • Speed Change

In this article we will detail each of the editing features so that you will have all the info you'll need to edit your videos like a seasoned pro.

Editing Menu

Start by clicking on the video that you would like to Edit to enter player mode.

Next click the "Editor" icon in the lower right corner.


Then the Editor Mode will expand to show you a column of the editing functions on the right side of the screen.


The following cannot be combined with other editing options:


Changing the Orientation of a Video

Step 1 - Click on the 360fly Camera icon

Step 2 - Select the desired orientation setting

Step 3 - Click on Save to save your video with the new updated Orientation data applied.


Creating a WatchMe Video

Step 1 - Click on the "Eye" icon

To see a detailed walk-through on how to create a WatchMe video, click here: WatchMe Article


Trimming a Video

Step 1 - Click the "Trim" icon.


Step 2 - Slide the left and right sliders to the exact part of the video you want to keep.

Step 3 - Click on "Save" to save the video.

Please note: The original video will not be overwritten you will be asked to name and save the new video.


The following can all be performed on the same video: 


Speed Adjustments

Speed adjustments let you speed up or slow down portions of the video.

Step 1 - Click the "Speed Adjustment" icon.

Step 2 - Choose the spot in the video that you would like to adjust.

Step 3 - Slide the speed adjuster slider to the left or right to slow down or speed up.


Applying a Filter

Filters allow you to change up your video with special lighting affects.

Step 1 - Click the "Filters" icon.

Step 2 - Choose the filter of your choice.

Step 3 - Preview the selected filter. (Toon chosen in example)


Adding a Soundtrack

You can now add your own selection of non DRM protected soundtracks to your video.

Step 1 - Click the "Soundtrack" icon.

Step 2 - Click the "Search" icon to open your soundtrack folder.

Step 3 - Select the song you would like to add and click the "Open" button.

*Please note: .WMA files will not be heard during the Preview, but the track will be audible once the video has completed processing.

Step 4 - Choose the music mix option. 


100% - Overwrite all audio with your music selection.

50% - Overwrite 50% of your audio with your music selection.

Or if you would rather mute your video, this option will remove all audio from your recording.

To mute all audio from the video, click on the mute icon.  A message will indicate that all audio has been removed.


Saving Your Edits

Step 1 - Click the "Finished" icon.


Step 2 - Click the "Checkmark" to save your edits.

Step 3 - Name your new video and click save.

You are now an award winning Director.  Now share your work with the world and do not forget to mention #360fly.  Stay tuned for more features to come!

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