How to copy videos located in your 360fly app on iOS to your computer

If you find yourself with too many videos on your iOS device in the "On my Device" section and need to free up some space, the following instructions will show you how to add those files to your computer or external hard drive for backup.


First make sure your devices are turned on. Next you will want to connect your iOS device to your computer with your iOS cable.

With your iOS device plugged into your computer, launch iTunes. Once iTunes opens and recognizes your iOS device, click on the device icon in the top left of the screen.


Next click on "Apps*" and then scroll down to the "File Sharing" section and click on "360fly."

*On newer versions of iTunes, you will select "File Sharing" instead of "Apps."


When you select "360fly" you will then see a list of all the videos that are currently saved in the app. Select which ones you want to copy to your computer and drag and drop them into a folder. Allow the copy to take place. Once the copy has completed, you may eject your iOS device or delete the files that you just saved if you no longer need them on your iOS device.


*If you are using a newer version of iTunes, you will need to go to "File Transfer" (on both Windows & Mac):



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