How to backup videos from your 360fly HD to your computer

Once you have captured lots of amazing videos on your 360fly, it might be time to back those videos up. Backing up your 360fly is very easy to do, similar to just copying files to a USB thumb-drive or other storage device.

To begin backing up your 360fly, follow the detailed steps outlined here:

1. Turn the 360fly on.

2. Using the provided cradle and cable, attach the 360fly to your computer.

3. The LED will show yellow when properly attached.

4. Next double-click on your the 360fly device that appears on your desktop

5. Next, my suggestion is to open a 2nd window where you plan on backing your files up to. Other option is to select and drop those files onto a location. Either will work.

6. Allow the videos to be copied over completely.

7. Once the copy has finished, you can either delete all of the videos that you just backed up from your camera or just select a few. The choice is yours!


If anything above sounds just a bit too complicated, here is a short video that shows the entire process starting with your 360fly already attached to your computer.



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