WIFI and Bluetooth LE Connection

The 360fly uses both a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy Standard) and WIFI to talk to your mobile device.

Bluetooth Connection

During the 360fly set-up we start by pairing your Mobile device via Bluetooth to the 360fly.   The paired Bluetooth LE connection is used to control the 360fly functions.

This includes:

  • Powering the 360fly Off
  • Accessing the 360fly's settings menu
  • Start/Stop a Recording
  • Check for available Firmware updates

WIFI Connection

After you have paired your 360fly via Bluetooth LE, the set-up process will take you through naming your 360fly camera and creating a unique password as part of the WIFI set-up.  The WIFI connection enables you to:

  • View the live video stream
  • Playback the videos stored on your 360fly
  • Edit the videos stored on your 360fly
  • Download the videos from your 360fly to your mobile device.   


My phone/tablet will not pair with the Bluetooth connection
If you recently performed a factory reset to your 360fly camera,  you may need to forget the Bluetooth connection on your mobile device before attempting to pair the device.   You can go into the Bluetooth setting menu on you device and find the connection and forget.   Once complete, you should be able to pair the device.

If this does not work, try Factory Resetting the 360fly and then start the set-up process again.

My phone/tablet will not connect to the 360fly via WIFI?
Make sure the 360fly WIFI setting has not been disabled.  You can connect to the camera via Bluetooth and go into the camera settings menu in the 360fly app to check the 360fly's WIFI status.

If the 360fly has been factory reset you will need to set-up the camera again and rename your device and add a passcode for the WIFI connection.  Once you complete the set-up process you should be able to reconnect to the 360fly via WIFI. 

I can't remember the WIFI passcode?
If you can't remember the passcode a simple Factory Reset will clear it out to the default and let you set it up again.   Click here for Factory Reset instructions.

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