360fly Director Application notifications

There are several notifications you may encounter when interacting with your 360fly Director's Library.

Library Notifications

1. File name/Path - certain characters are not allowed in file names or folder paths (path is applicable when adding to the Library).  The invalid characters include #, \, /, ?, %, :, |, “.

2. Invalid or Corrupt mp4 - each file brought into your 360fly Director’s Library is checked to see whether it has a valid structure and appears to be a video that can be played in the application.  If this check fails you’ll see an invalid video error.

3. File Already Exists - each video in your Library has unique metadata.  If you attempt to add the same video twice you’ll be prompted that the video already exists.  

4. Import will Exceed Available Disk Space - importing videos into your 360fly Director’s Library creates copies of the imported files for safekeeping.  To prevent using all available disk space, the 360fly Director will prevent the import if the action would reduce your available disk space below 2 GB.  Note that your 360fly video can be still be played via the Camera view or Drag-Drop.

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