Downloading/Transferring a video from your 360fly to your computer

Once you have captured some videos on your 360fly, it is time to move them into your 360fly Director application for playback and editing.

Downloading/Transferring a video from your 360fly

1. Turn the 360fly on.

2. Using the provided cradle and cable, attach the 360fly to your computer.

3. The LED will show yellow when properly attached.

4. On the navigation bar, click "Camera".

5. A chooser window will appear.

6. Choose your device, then click open. 

  • Note: your 360fly will appear by default as 360FLY.

7. Once opened your videos will automatically process thumbnails and duration.​

  • Note: your Director will only process new videos it recognizes on the 360fly.       

8. You can import videos using two different methods.

  • Import single video: hover-over a thumbnail, click import.
  • Import all videos: click "Import All".
    • Note: "Import All" allows you to replace "Record" in the filename to be of your choosing.

9. The progress bar will appear and videos will be added to your Library.

10. To verify your videos have been imported, click "Library".

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