Sharing a 360° video to YouTube on Android

With our recent release, sharing interactive 360° videos to YouTube has never been easier.

The first step in the process is transferring the file from your camera to your mobile device.  While connected to the camera via WIFI press the  download icon to transfer the video to your mobile device.  Once complete, connect back to your internet connection to begin the YouTube upload.

To begin the upload to YouTube process, start by tapping on the  icon from inside the On My Phone section or choose  at the end of the edit flow if you are creating a Clip Capture. Both options will bring up the same system share screen shown in the 2nd image. 

Next you will want to tap on the YouTube icon.
Tip: Make sure you are signed into YouTube prior to uploading.

Your video will now export with the required metadata that will allow YouTube users to view it in interactive 360°

Last, enter a title and description, choose what level of privacy to give your video. Once you have all of that decided, tap on the  in the top right of the screen and allow a few minutes for the video to upload and process.
Note: Interactive 360° videos posted to YouTube could take additional time to show as 360° videos.

The following screen may show up before you can enter any information. If you select "On any network" that allows the upload to be performed over cellular data(LTE, 4G, 3G). Upload speeds and the time it takes to process could vary depending on your connection.

You may see this screen when uploading to YouTube for the first time.

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