Report a bug or leave feedback on your Android device

We here at 360fly want to hear from you, our users, on how we can improve your experience.

We also want to know what you want to do with your 360fly.

We have made leaving feedback and bug reporting as simple as ever!

To send an Instabug report on your Android device, simply press the settings icon from the home page on the 360Fly mobile app.


Next you will press the "Send Feedback" tab under "Account Settings".




Finally, you will select your specific email program and send the email. The information that is gathered in the report, will automatically populate in the email. 

If you'd like to add any questions or comments, you can do so in this email. 



We appreciate the valuable input from our users and listen closely to the feedback that you provide us!

Thank you for helping to improve 360fly for everyone out there.

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