Attach the 360fly HD to the Tilt Mount

The Tilt Mount is included with the 360fly Camera and allows you to easily mount the camera with one turn. The Tilt Mount also has a quick release button which allows you to switch it between multiple adhesive baseplates making it a functional mounting system.

Attaching Tilt Mount

Align 360fly and Tilt Mount and turn clockwise to lock into place.

The 360fly can only be attached to the Tilt Mount in one direction.

Attaching The Tilt Mount To Adhesive Baseplates

1.  To attach the Tilt Mount to the baseplate, simply match the dots.


2.  Turn clockwise to lock into place.

Removing The Tilt Mount From Adhesive Baseplates
To remove the Tilt Mount from the baseplate, simply press both release buttons on the sides of the Tilt Mount and turn counter-clockwise to remove.

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