Can I take photos with my 360fly

The 360fly app allows you to capture 360° photos directly from your recorded videos in a variety of photo formats.

Capturing A Photo

1.  While playing a video click on the  icon to enter the editor menu.

2.  Click on the  icon to go into Photo Capture mode.

3.  Choose the photo image ratio that you wish to capture.

4.  As you play the video, click on the icon at the point you want to capture the photo.

360 View


With the latest iOS update of the 360fly app, you can now make your Square and 16:9 photos into "Tiny Planets" as well as "Normal" photos!


Tiny Planet



Tiny Planet


5. You can also add a filter to your photo to add some creative effects.  Click the "Apply" icon to lock in your filter.

6.  Click the "Save" button in the top right corner to save your changes.

Please Note:  Your photos will be stored in your device gallery and can be shared like and other photo you take with your Phone or Tablet.

Now you are ready to share your Fly photography with the world!

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