Can I watch my 360fly movies in Google Cardboard?

360fly’s footage is designed to work seamlessly with Google CardboardVR Viewers. Words don’t do it justice, so be sure to get a headset and explore 360fly VR for yourself. 

To re-live your footage using a Google Cardboard VR Viewer, just tap the “Goggle” icon in the top right when you’re in the Player screen. 

Place your phone in the VR Viewing goggles and re-live the memories.

If you are trying to view in the HTC VIVE or Daydream VR, then simply save the file and once it is saved, open it with their respective apps and you're ready to view with VR. If you're having trouble saving, follow these instructions:

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*​If viewing on an iOS device, please check out this article if you are experiencing playback issues.

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