Add videos to your Android device

With the popularity of our Director Application, many users may want to take their edited videos and add them back onto their mobile devices. Or they could even share those same videos to friends or family members by copying them to their mobile devices.

To add a video to your Android device there are a few steps to follow:
If you own a Mac, you will first want to download Android File Transfer: HERE. Scroll down for Mac to Android transfer screenshots.

Using a Windows Operating System

If you are using a Windows machine, simply plug your Android device into a USB port and it will show up in Explorer.

Once you see your device connected to your machine, navigate to where the videos reside.

Select the file(s) you wish to transfer and simply perform a drag and drop of those files to your device.

Allow a few moments for the files to transfer and when that is complete, the files will be available on your Android device in the "On My Phone" section.

Android File Transfer

If you are using a Mac, open Android File Transfer and connect your Android device.

Android File Transfer Launched and device connected.

Click on the ► to show the "360Fly" folder

Double click on the "360Fly" folder to show its contents

Open the folder where the file that you want to copy is located. Next select that file and perform a drag and drop to the "360Fly" folder on your connected Android device.

Allow a few moments for the file to copy. File copy progress bar will disappear once complete and file will be on Android device

Launch 360fly mobile app on your Android device and tap on the "On My Phone" tab to see your new video.

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