Perform a factory reset on your 360fly HD

You may come to a point where you decide that you want to start over with your 360fly. To set your 360fly back to Factory Defaults, you will need to perform a Factory Reset.

Please Note:  Performing a factory reset will reset the name and password of your camera(see below).
*** This is not a destructive reset. The content that is saved on the internal storage will not be effected. ***

Factory Reset Steps

1. Press and hold the OnePush button.

2. While holding the OnePush button, use a dull pointed object like a pen, paperclip or pencil to press and release the Reset Button on the bottom of the camera.

3. Hold the OnePush button for two sets of three vibrations.  After the 6th and final vibration, release the OnePush button.

4. Your 360fly will vibrate an additional three times and the LED will start flashing yellow.  Once your 360fly's LED is solid blue the process is complete.

Note: After performing a Factory Reset on your 360fly, the Wifi password will reset to: 00000000

Congratulations! You are all reset!

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