Delete a video from the 360fly 4k via PC

There are a few ways to delete a video directly from the 360fly 4K camera.

Option 1 - You can delete video's one at a time from the 360fly 4K with the 360fly App.

Instructions for Android

Instructions for iOS

Option 2 - You can delete video's one by one or multiple by connecting the device to your PC and follow the steps below.

1.  Power on your 360fly 4k device and wait for the LED to turn solid blue.

2.  Connect the power cradle to your PC via the USB port.

3.  Place the 360fly on the power cradle and wait for the LED to turn solid yellow.  This will indicate that the device is mounted to your PC.

4.  Click on the 360fly drive icon to open the 360fly drive folder (E:) and then press the DCIM folder. (see below)



5. Next double click the 100_3Fly folder.




6. Finally you can select the videos that you'd like to delete. If you'd like to delete all of them, you can press the control button on your keyboard and then press the letter A and let go. That will highlight all of the videos at once and then you can press Delete. 



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