Void Fill Options in Director

In the current version of the Desktop Director software, you have several options on how to display the 360fly camera’s bottom void on your photos and videos, when they are converted to equirectangular format for use on social media. To access these options, go to the settings tab, and then select “Void Fill.”


The Default option shows the black facets in your image’s bottom void. This is the equivalent of turning the blindspot visibility ON in the 360fly mobile app.



The Mirrored option will create a mirrored mirage effect in your image’s bottom void. This is the equivalent of turning the blindspot visibility OFF in the 360fly mobile app.



The custom option allows you to upload a specific custom image to insert into the bottom void. If you have a business, this is where you can place your company’s Logo. You can only upload one image at a time, and this image will be inserted into the void every time you convert a video or photo for social media. If you would like to change the image you’ve uploaded, just click “REPLACE IMAGE.”



To test the custom image option, go ahead and download the "shield void fill" file that is attached at the very bottom of this article. For reference, this a round file, not a square file that is a .PNG file with a resolution of 894x894.



The final option is Map. This will only work with photos and videos captured with a 360fly 4K unit, while the GPS icon was green (this means that GPS info was encoded in the file). You have the choice of three different Maps:

  • Normal - a geographical view of the area
  • Satellite - "top-down" or "birds eye" view of the actual location.
  • Terrain - topographical view of the area

If you choose a map as your default Void Fill, and you convert an image/video that was not encoded with GPS information, the void fill will default to the mirrored option.


If you want to convert a 360fly file that has been converted in the past, but with a different void fill option, you may have to go into “Social Media” under the settings tab, and select “Delete Social Exports.”


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