How to share your 360fly 4K photos to Google Street View and Google Maps on Android

In a recent 360fly Android app update, the ability to save your converted/exported 360 pictures to your Pictures folder, also opened up the functionality to upload your 360 pictures to Google Street View. We included a sample image so you can try out this process for yourself if you do not have any photos yet. The images DO NOT have GPS data, so you will have to set the location manually.


Adding to Google Street View

To begin make sure that the photo that you want to upload to Google Street View has been transferred from your camera to your mobile phone. Then navigate to the On My Phone section inside your 360fly app and tap on the Share icon and select "Export to Pictures Folder(360)." This will convert the image and save it to your Pictures folder. Once the export process is complete, you will see a notification message at the bottom of your screen informing you that the picture has been saved to your Pictures folder, it flashes up very quickly.




Now that the photo has been saved to your Pictures folder, we can exit the 360fly app and launch the Google Street View app on your Android device. Once the app has loaded and you are at the Google Street View home screen, tap on Camera+ icon located at the lower right. Next tap on the "Import 360 photos" option to load your Gallery photos.




Next select the photo you wish to add to a location. As shown below, the top image does not have GPS data, so you can add GPS coordinates by tapping the icon. This will load a map view to set the location that the picture is from. If you had a GPS signal when you took the picture with your 360fly 4K, the location will already be filled as seen in the bottom image.




Adding to Google Maps

Alternatively, in the Share menu, you can tap on the "Add to Maps" option. This will load the Google Maps app on your Android device and guide you thru the process of adding a photo to a location on the map. The first time you do this, you will probably be asked to approve Maps access to your media.




Now the Maps app will load the media on your device, the image will be pre-selected due to the share extension, tap on Select a place if the image does NOT have GPS data. You can also add details about the image in the description. Tap on the blue "Send" icon in the top right to post your image to Maps.



You  can now find your image in the list of images assigned to the location that you selected. Tap on it to open the interactive viewer in Maps and swipe or move your device around to experience it in 360!


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