Mobile Device Probing

A useful tool that we have built into our Android 360fly app is a device probe that will go thru a series of automated tasks that one would want to do while using the 360fly app. This Mobile Device Probing will provide valuable information to the end user about what their mobile device can and cannot handle. If you have previously experienced issues exporting or editing your videos in the app, this probe will now be able to answer the why.


To initiate the Mobile Device Probing, start by launching the 360fly app on your Android device. It is suggested that this probe be performed after a fresh reboot of the device so all possible resources are available for the tasks that will be run. Once in the app, go to the HOME section (fly icon) in the app.

Next tap on the Settings Gear located in the top right area of the display and swipe to the bottom of the page. 




Once in the Mobile Device Probing, tap on OK to start the probe. The app will now run thru a series of tasks testing the performance and capabilities of the hardware.




Once complete, you will see the results on your screen. As shown below, the results are color coded so that you will see straight away that some tasks might are not performing at their best on the mobile device.



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