Changing the Blindspot Visibility (iOS)

There is a toggle in the Player Settings that will allow you to enable or disable the viewer from entering the "void fill" or blindspot that is created during a recording. We received the feedback from our customers and wanted to let them make the decision!


By default, the Blindspot Visibility toggle is set to OFF. The following steps will walk you thru enabling Blindspot Visibility for your videos. Please note that this setting is applied to ALL videos, not just to the one that you are viewing when you make the change.

To begin, go into the On My iPhone section in the app and simply tap on a video to initiate playback.

Next tap on the Settings Cog in the top right area of the screen to open the Player Settings.

Below is an image of the default Player Settings, notice how the Blindspot Visibility toggle is set to OFF.


To enable or turn ON Blindspot Visibility just tap on the toggle so that the slider is to the right and the background changes to GREEN.

Now with Blindspot Visibility enabled, the player constraints are removed and you can zoom out and create the "Little Big Planet" style view that was previously disabled.


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