Initial View Point on your 360fly 4K Camera

You may notice during playback in our various apps that the initial playback view is different. The reason for this is that the firmware on the 4K camera has the initial starting point as 90 degrees offset to the right.

The mobile apps compensate for this in their player settings so you will want to position the camera with the button facing the action or initial object you would like the viewer to see.

If you primarily use our Director software for editing/sharing you will want to make sure you adjust the positioning of the camera before starting your recording. For the primary object to be in the initial view at the beginning of your video, the LED/Button must be pointing to the right.

For Director, this is only temporary as we will be aligning all of our apps so that the initial view during playback is the same. We are also investigating an option so that the user is able to set the initial view point during an edit, similar to the projection data edit that is currently available in our Director app.


Screenshots / visual aides to be added soon.

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