Changing the Blindspot Visibility (Android)

Now available in our newest Android update is the ability to change the Blindspot in your 360 videos. You will now have 4 options to choose from:

  • Blurred Mirror - Takes the video and creates a mirrored image to fill the void.
  • Fly Facets - Our own design that incorporates our branding.
  • Custom Image - Choose any image to fill the void, i.e. a logo or design
  • 3 Google Maps Versions:

            - Normal - a geographical view of the area 

            - Satellite - "top-down" or "birds eye" view of the actual location.

            - Terrain - topographical view of the area 


To change the void fill, simply start by playing a video from On My Phone section. Then enter the player settings page by tapping on the gear icon in the top right of the video.


Next tap on the dropdown selector under the Select Blindspot fill: 


Make your choice and then tap on the X in the top left to exit. In this example we selected the Blurred Mirror.


Now back on the player screen, you can view your selected void fill option. Below are examples of each option.

Mirrored Fill:

Facet Fill:

Custom Image as well as the screen that shows the Pick new custom image option:

To test the custom image option, go ahead and download the "shield void fill" file that is attached at the very bottom of this article. For reference, this a round file, not a square file that is a .PNG file with a resolution of 894x894.




You also have the option to fill the void with a map from Google Maps. To be able to do this, you must make sure that GPS is enabled in your camera settings and that the GPS icon on your LiveView screen is GREEN.

If your video did not capture any GPS data in the metadata, then you will not see the Google Maps options as shown in the screenshot below.



Google Maps Void Fill Examples:

Google Maps Normal:

Google Maps Satellite: 

Google Maps Terrain:

Please be aware that you will need an active data/wifi connection to load the Google Maps void fills since they will load the Google Maps data from the internet. If you do not have a connection, you will see the following error message when trying to load any of the Google Maps void fills:


And that is all it takes to customize the void fill in your 360 video on your Android device! We cannot wait to see the exciting and creative ways that you'll use to make your videos even more one of a kind!


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