Sharing a 360° video to Facebook on Android

With the recent update to Facebook's app, sharing interactive 360° video has never been easier.

Please note that to share your 360° video to Facebook, you must have an internet connection.

To begin the upload to Facebook process, start by tapping on the  icon from inside the On My Phone section or choose  at the end of the edit flow if you are creating a Clip Capture. Both options will bring up the same share screen that is shown in the 2nd image.

Next you will want to tap on the Facebook icon.
Tip: Make sure you are signed into Facebook prior to uploading.

Your video will now export with the required metadata that will allow Facebook users to view it in interactive 360°

Last, choose who and where you want your video to be posted on Facebook and tap on the "Post" in the top right. You will receive a notification as soon as your video has been posted.


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