How to post your video to social media using the Director App

Sharing your life in 360° is simple with the share feature in the 360fly Director App. The share feature will convert your 360fly videos to a format that can be uploaded to both YouTube and Facebook directly from the Director in one simple step.
To begin launch your Director App, and choose the video that you want to export.  This can either be an entire video, a trimmed video created from inside Director, or a "Clip Capture" edit that you brought in from your 360fly.

To see how to add a video to the Director App, click here: LINK

Next you will want to click on the Social Export icon  and select the location that you would like to share the video.

Please Note:  For YouTube and Facebook you will be required to sign in with your YouTube or Facebook credentials and authorize the Director application to post videos to your account.

Once you have provided authorization.  Provide a name to your video and click on the "Share" button.

Your video will now begin processing and uploading to your favorite 360° video sites.  Please be patient as the process can take time to convert and complete the upload.  Also,  once the video has been uploaded you will need to allow time for it to show up in 360°.

Your done!  Your video is now available on your favorite social 360° site.
***Please note that only Chrome, Firefox, and IE11(Windows) are supported browsers for interactive 360° playback***



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