360° Live Streaming with Facebook

Go Live With Facebook

With the latest upgrade to the 360fly mobile app you can now instantly live stream your 360fly video to Facebook. Let your friends and family join the fun and experience all the action as you live without boundaries.

How It Works

The 360fly Mobile application connects via WIFI to your 360fly camera to capture a live 360° video feed. This live video feed is then mixed with the live audio captured via the mobile phones microphone. The 360fly Mobile application converts the stream to the Facebook format to allow your friends and family to view a live 360° video stream instantly.

Requirements For Live Streaming

  • 360fly HD or 4K Camera: you can live stream at a resolution 1080 with the 360fly 4K camera. The 360fly HD camera will live stream at 720.
  • 4G LTE Data Plan: Messaging and data rates charged by your wireless or internet service provider may apply as the live stream is transmitted over your mobile data network.
  • Android or iPhone Compatible devices: The live stream requires a device with a high power processor and 4G LTE data.  
    • Android 5.0 or higher.
    • iPhone 6 or higher.

Set Up

Step 1 - Download/update the most recent version of the 360fly desktop and mobile app (available on Android and iOS). This app is key to capturing your entire world in 360° 4K video. Just search 360fly in the App Store or Google Play and download it to your mobile device. Launch the app and follow the tutorial to set up your camera and build your 360fly profile. The app allows your mobile device to serve as your camera’s remote and viewfinder, giving you the power to edit and share videos across social media platforms.

Step 2 - Launch the 360fly Mobile application and connect to your 360fly Camera via WiFi to acquire alive stream.


Step 3 - When ready to go live press the "LIVE" button.

Step 4 -  Choose the video resolution, camera orientation and which friends or pages you would like to live stream to.

Step 5 - Give it a description and tap the "GO LIVE" button.

Step 6 - That's it! You're live.  To stop your live feed press the "STOP" button.


Please note:  ライブストリームを維持するには、アプリを有効にしておく必要があります。画面を終了するか別のアプリケーションを開くと、ライブストリームが中断されます。また、一部のAndroid搭載端末では、最高のパフォーマンスを得るために、ビットレート設定をautoから固定値に変更する必要があります。

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